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10 Best Cat Trees of 2023, Tested and Reviewed

Cat trees mix several activities so that your cat or cats can play, interact, and unwind. They can provide elevated viewing platforms, scratchers, sleeping quarters, and multi-level exercise areas. The greatest cat trees will satiate your cat’s natural urges to climb, scratch, and play in a variety of ways. Even your furniture could be spared.

We looked into more than 50 best-selling, highly-rated, and well-liked cat trees, purchased 28 of the most promising ones, and sent the kitties and volunteer testers’ homes with them. Our testers set up each cat tree, taking pictures, making observations, and adhering to a technique created to provide thorough feedback.

Each tester offered their opinions and supplied scores for four different traits following a two-week testing session. The cat trees were then kept by them and their cats for follow-up, allowing us to observe how each cat tree functions over time.

The Catit Vesper High Base is our favourite cat tree after testing; it does away with the carpet in favour of lovely wood surfaces, easily changeable parts, and memory foam cushions.

1) Catit Vesper High Base Cat Tree is the best overall.

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What We Like

  • Memory foam cushions can be taken apart for cleaning.
  • available replacement components
  • excellent mid-size apartments
  • There is no carpeting to be torn up.
  • Easily put together using the provided hex key

What We Don’t Like

  • Removable pads are not machine washable
  • Seagrass rope may need more frequent replacing

The platforms of the majority of ordinary cat trees are carpeted to give cosy locations for your cat to relax, however, this makes them attractive targets for cat claws and causes them to look ragged or worn very fast. With laminated MDF surfaces and detachable memory foam cushions, the Catit Vesper High Base delivers many of the same advantages of a conventional cat tree design in a more enticing form.

The Vesper High Base is so named because of its top observation platform’s height of 47.8 inches above the ground, which is a useful midpoint between smaller and larger cat trees in terms of size. A “cubed den” middle level, a lower cushioned platform, and the 22.1-inch square base are all located below the top platform and give access to all four wrapped pillars for scratching. The posts on the High Base are covered in seagrass, which is thought to be softer and more stain-resistant than sisal, which is more typically found. Although your cats will enjoy scratching it, you might need to re-wrap the legs of the Vesper High Base more frequently than you would with a sisal substitute.

The Catit Vesper High Base was previously tested and reviewed by us in 2019 (you can see the link here), and we only had one issue with it: it didn’t feel particularly solid. The Vesper stood out for its stability in our most recent round of testing, earning it the highest score for sturdiness. It appears that Catit has improved more than just packaging since then. This time, a 16-pound calico cat was used to test the High Base. She would constantly jump from her favourite window hammock onto the cat tree, but it never trembled.

We particularly appreciate the memory foam pads that come with the set; these stick to the top and bottom platforms with hook-and-loop tape. These comfortable pads fit your cat’s body well and can be taken off for washing or spot cleaning. Unfortunately, the pads cannot be washed in a machine. A removable sisal scratch mat and a hanging rope with three rattan toys are also included. Furthermore, Catit sells separate plush pads, rattan ball toys, scratchy sisal pads, and even replacement seagrass-wrapped posts, making all of these accessories easily replaceable.

The cubed den, which has a second detachable memory foam cushion inside, will appeal to cats who enjoy hiding, and as there are entrances on either side, they won’t feel confined. While the Vesper High Base is a great all-around cat tree for the majority of cats, older cats shouldn’t use it because there are no ramps and the cubed den requires a small, dexterous leap to enter.

There are three different colors available for the Catit Vesper High Base cat tree. The Vesper series also includes a wide variety of more compact and unconventional forms.

2) Best for Cats in Multiples a Frisco 72-inch faux fur cat condo and tree

Best for Multiple Cats Frisco 72-in Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo
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What We Like

  • Multiple platforms, full functionality, scratchers, and cat condos
  • Available in a variety of six colors
  • Includes a wall mount option for added stability

What We Don’t Like

  • Setup is time-consuming (but simple), and there are numerous pieces.
  • Inconveniently hefty to transport around

The Frisco 72-inch Faux Fur Cat Tree & Condo features everything you need in a large, feature-rich cat tree, including toys, ramps, scratching posts, a dangling rope, elevated platforms, and numerous “cat condo” hiding places. The Frisco cat tree is offered in six different color schemes, including one with a cheetah print, so you can choose the one that will stand out the least (or the most) in your room. We’re not the biggest fans of giving up a portion of our living space to a large, carpeted, conventionally-designed cat tree, but it is available in six different color schemes.

There are a whopping ten scratching posts, two condos, and three high-up perches in the faux fur cat tree and condo. Importantly, while there is one highest perch, there are two others that are near as elevated, reducing the likelihood that multiple cats will constantly fight over that perch. This cat tree, which stands 6 feet tall as its name suggests, satisfies your cat’s urge to climb to a high point to survey its surroundings.

3) Ideal for Compact SpacesLarge Cat Feandrea Cat Tree

Best CustomizableThe Refined Feline Metropolitan Cat Condo
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What We Like

  • Several levels and hiding places
  • Large top perch, appropriate for larger cats
  • Compact

What We Don’t Like

  • There aren’t many high scratching surfaces.

The Feandrea Cat Tree for Large Cats’ most notable feature is its enormous, cushioned top perch, which measures 22 by 16 inches and has room for large cats. This Feandrea cat tree is a great choice for small apartments or places, especially those with numerous cats because it fits a lot of helpful functions into a size of only roughly 24 by 16 inches.

In addition to the perch at the top, the Feandrea Cat Tree for Large Cats features two “condo playhouses” that offer enclosed areas for your cats to hide, play, and rest. The taller of the two condominiums has two exits/entrances so your cat can run through on their way to another platform or just have a spot to hide so they don’t feel hemmed in. On a cat tree that is only 33 inches high, there are four different elevation levels available between the two condos, the base, and the highest perch.

During our tests, we discovered that the Feandrea cat tree was sturdy enough to withstand a cat jumping in and out of the condo doors, and it had a usefully small size similar to a small accent cabinet.

The scratching posts are the only actual drawback. The sisal rope is simply wrapped around the middle of each post; the remainder is covered in carpet, despite the fact that it is substantial and has a 3.4-inch diameter. Your cat will have fewer opportunities to fully stretch out when scratching as a result. The scratching poles were actively used by our tester cat, who didn’t appear to mind.

Three distinct colors are offered for the Feandrea Cat Tree.

4) Cheapest Cat Activity Tree with Scratching Posts from Amazon Basics

Best Budget Amazon Basics Cat Activity Tree with Scratching Post
[wpsm_button color=”main” size=”medium” link=”″ icon=”link” class=”VIEW ON AMAZON ($63)” target=”_blank”]VIEW ON AMAZON ($63)[/wpsm_button]

What We Like

  • The walls of the upper platform are raised to create a bed.
  • Ideal for a corner or small apartment, compact footprint
  • Comes included with all the equipment needed for easy assembly

What We Don’t Like

  • For big cats, top-level is a little too small.
  • Nothing to hide

The 17.7-inch square base of this inexpensive choice from Amazon Basics is crammed with cat trees, offering four distinct carpeted levels and a number of pillars covered in jute for scratching. Its small size makes it easy to tuck into a corner or in front of a window without significantly obstructing the view, while still being tall enough to attract cats (peak height is just about 46 inches). The raised sides of the round top platform allow your cat to utilize it as a bed or crow’s nest.

The Cat Activity Tree performed admirably during our tests, with no noticeable trembling while in use. The seven separate scratching posts on carpeted cat trees should keep your cat’s claws where they belong, however, we’re usually sceptical of their general endurance.

The Amazon Basics Cat Activity Tree also comes in a smaller size with one fewer platform, but we think the larger size does a better job of giving your cat an elevated area without taking up too much room.

5) Most ModifiableThe Luxurious Feline Metro Cat Condo

Best CustomizableThe Refined Feline Metropolitan Cat Condo
[wpsm_button color=”main” size=”medium” link=”″ icon=”link” class=”VIEW ON CHEWY ($316)” target=”_blank”]VIEW ON CHEWY ($316)[/wpsm_button] [wpsm_button color=”red” size=”medium” link=”” icon=”link” class=”VIEW ON WAYFAIR ($349.99)” target=”_blank”]VIEW ON WAYFAIR ($349.99)[/wpsm_button] [wpsm_button color=”btncolor” size=”medium” link=”” icon=”link” class=”VIEW ON THEREFINEDFELINE ($298.49)” target=”_blank”]VIEW ON THEREFINEDFELINE ($298.49)[/wpsm_button]

What We Like

  • Highly customizable, available in a variety of hues and configurations
  • Fantastic for many kitties
  • Separately offered a platform with a built-in bowl for meals
  • Large surfaces for naps and play
  • Cats can easily climb the stepped design.

What We Don’t Like

  • When we first buy, there are only a few options available, and we’d rather be able to personalize platform by platform.

Multiple cats can move easily between levels thanks to the stepped platform arrangement in the Refined Feline Metropolitan Cat Condo, which resembles a bookshelf. Each platform is sizable, with a surface of 13 by 18.5 inches that can accommodate any cat’s size. Our favourite feature, though, is the abundance of possibilities, which includes five different customization options for each platform and four different frame colors.

Multiple shelving arrangements can be added to your Cat Condo after you select from grey, gold, white, or black frames. Your main option is between a configuration that contains four platform cushions and a scratchpad, which gives the impression that your cats are dozing on clouds and a second configuration that has five faux fur coverings in addition to the white, black, or walnut platform color options.

Then, you can add even more customization with optional components and add-ons, like a platform with a built-in food bowl or new sisal scratch pads. It is simple to swap out replacements or take out cushions for cleaning because the majority of platform accessories, including cushions and scratchers, are fastened to the platforms with velcro-like strips.

But even without its impressive customization options, the Metropolitan Cat Condo from Refined Felines is a reliable and practical choice. With a 31 by 15-inch footprint, it maintains stability as it rises to its 62-inch peak. The Metropolitan Cat Condo has a wall anchor for added security and is made to hold many cats.

6. Best Contemporary Design Cat tree with tufts and

Best Modern DesignTuft & Paw Frond Cat Tree
[wpsm_button color=”main” size=”medium” link=”” icon=”link” class=”VIEW ON TUFTANDPAW ($299)” target=”_blank”]VIEW ON TUFTANDPAW ($299)[/wpsm_button]

What We Like

  • The arrangements for perches can rotate indefinitely.
  • Numerous scratch-prone surfaces
  • Simple assembly
  • Beautiful design

What We Don’t Like

  • Most cats can’t lie down on perches because they’re too little.

Three Tuft & Paw Frond Cat Tree perches may be turned around the pole’s sisal wrap for a never-ending variety of interesting jumping and climbing challenges. Even though the Tuft & Paw Frond Cat Tree appears unassuming at first glance—especially given its high price—its combination of useful features and thoughtful design makes it one of the most beautiful cat trees on the market.

The Frond’s petal-shaped perches are made of plywood with an ash veneer and have curved edges that give it the appearance of curio shelves rather than cat toys. The Frond appears like a cat tree, albeit a pretty one; it isn’t attempting to hide what it is, though. With a 24-inch base diameter and a height little over four feet, it is very simple to put up and strikes a wonderful balance in terms of size.

The Tuft & Paw Frond Cat Tree may be transformed into a different challenge each day thanks to the rotating perches, however, the perches’ size means that they aren’t really big enough for naps. This cat tree is better ideal for high-altitude surveillance than napping and is more of an active cat tree.

7. The Strongest Whisker Cat Tower

Best Modern DesignTuft & Paw Frond Cat Tree
[wpsm_button color=”main” size=”medium” link=”” icon=”link” class=”VIEW ON LITTER-ROBOT ($349)” target=”_blank”]VIEW ON LITTER-ROBOT ($349)[/wpsm_button]

What We Like

  • Incredibly robust
  • The style fits very well with non-cat furnishings.
  • Offered in two colors
  • Wide porches that can accommodate larger cats

What We Don’t Like

  • Difficult to assemble

With a metal frame that could potentially withstand a young tiger and will undoubtedly withstand years of your cats jumping all over it, the Whisker Cat Tower is currently among the most durable pieces of furniture we own. This cat tree shares similarities with the Litter-Robot 4 in terms of quality and construction.

There are four separate levels in the Tower, and the lowest chamber has a kitty pad. Felt carpet covers each of the upper three platforms; it is a wonderful middle-ground surface that is not very luxurious but is soft enough for our two test cats to flop and rub their faces over. The sisal scratch pad on the back wall has a unique appearance compared to typical sisal scratchers because it is

The Whisker Cat Tower, which is constructed on top of a 17 by 18-inch foundation, has a squat, blocky feel and never wobbles, not even when two cats are fighting over the top platform, which is 54 inches off the ground. It comes in either a “Grey Woodgrain” with a black frame or a neutral white.

Our Whisker Cat Tower hasn’t changed or been damaged since we originally put it up a few months ago. There probably isn’t a more reliable substitute. The assembly, which calls for a Phillips screwdriver, hammer, and an electric drill with two different drill bit sizes, is the only significant drawback. We did spent about two discouraging hours pulling it together, but the results were worth it.

8. On2Pets Modern Cat Tree is the best faux plant.

Best Faux Plant: On2Pets Modern Cat Tree
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What We Like

  • Foliage may be changed and comes in a variety of hues.
  • Silk makes leaves safe for cats to eat.
  • Scratching is good on a base made of artificial turf.
  • In person, it looks even better.
  • Cats love to skulk around in the leaves.

What We Don’t Like

  • Not as stable as the lowest two platforms are the top one.
  • Sometimes when people wrestle, branches will come out.

The On2Pets Modern Cat Tree seems amusing even though it appears unreal. Additionally, it comes in a variety of configurations and has interchangeable leaves that you can change according to the seasons.

The foundation of the Modern Cat Tree is a strong base that comes in either square (24 by 24 inches) or circular (26 inches in diameter) foundations that resemble a patch of grass. The cat tree then rises to a height of five feet, offering three carpeted shelves that are of different heights. Although from a safety standpoint, the Modern Cat Tree feels completely stable, the highest perch occasionally became a little unsteady, and our cats mainly stayed on the lower two levels.

Each platform contains a few tiny plastic apertures or holes into which the branches are inserted. Cats can eat the non-toxic silk leaves on the PVC branches, which are about 18 inches long and have no plastic shavings on them.

These modular branches, which On2Pets provides in bundles of 8 and 24, are readily replaceable. You can choose from your favourite autumnal hues of “Mixed Maple,” “Orange Blaze,” and “Deep Plum” leaves, which are ovate “Zen Green” or multi-season maple leaves. Overall, we thought the On2Pets Modern Cat Tree looked much better than it did in the product photographs, and because the branches are flexible, we spread and dressed them for optimum realism.

One of the best characteristics of the Modern Cat Tree is how easily you can replace one or every limb, but this also means that occasionally, during active play, a branch or two will come loose. Although it was never a major annoyance,

when our test cats got the zoomies or pounced on each other through some leaves, we did start to anticipate needing to rebuild a branch or two.

Both of the cats that we used the On2Pets Modern Cat Tree with adored the combination of perch and hiding spot that the foliage offered. Our tester observed that “it seems to make them feel more in touch with their wild instincts.” Even though they occasionally used it as a scratching post, our cats like the artificial turf base and we haven’t yet noticed any wear and tear.

Although the On2Pets Modern Cat Tree was quickly embraced by our test cats, we could see how it might be more intimidating for older and cautious cats, who typically prefer an unobstructed view of where they’re leaping. In these cases, one or two branches on the On2Pets tree may be removed separately or may simply be bent to one side to provide your cat with a clear passage to the cat tree. Additionally, On2Pets advises a maximum weight of 32 pounds.

The On2Pets Modern Cat Tree excels in simulating the beauty of actual greenery, despite a few minor flaws. This is probably going to become your cat’s new favourite place to hang out if they can’t help but tamper with your indoor plants.

On2Pets provides 4-foot and 2-foot variants of the Modern Cat Tree in addition to the huge, 5-foot model that we evaluated.

9. Optimal Cat CondosTrixie Lilo Three-Story Modular Cat Condos

Best Cat CondosTrixie Lilo Modular Three-Story Cat Condos
[wpsm_button color=”main” size=”medium” link=”″ icon=”link” class=”VIEW ON WALMART ($129.99)” target=”_blank”]VIEW ON WALMART ($129.99)[/wpsm_button] [wpsm_button color=”red” size=”medium” link=”″ icon=”link” class=”VIEW ON CHEWY ($129.99)” target=”_blank”]VIEW ON CHEWY ($129.99)[/wpsm_button] [wpsm_button color=”btncolor” size=”medium” link=”″ icon=”link” class=”VIEW ON WALMART ($129.99)” target=”_blank”]VIEW ON WALMART ($129.99)[/wpsm_button]

What We Like

  • Easiest assembly of all scrapers tested
  • Removable cleaning pads
  • Robust
  • Can be configured differently depending on the available space

What We Don’t Like

  • Access to the upper apartment can be a bit fiddly, especially for older cats
  • Available in one color

The three cat beds in this stacking tower each have a top covered in carpet and sisal, and a removable cushion, and they are all pre-assembled. The bottom and top boxes have an opening, while the middle cat flap has an entrance for cats on each side.

The four foot tall Trixie Lilo cat beds use a combination of Velcro and a bolted surface to hold the three pieces together. They can be set up with alternative entrances that give your cat more space to lean on and climb, or square boxes that allow her to hop into higher apartments. Because of this, positioning it against a wall or even in a corner is a smart idea.
At 60 pounds, the Trixie Lilo isn’t easy to carry when folded, but it’s extremely sturdy. The interior design is also luxurious, making these cat apartments a place your cats will seek and rely on for years to come. Despite the fact that we would have liked more color options.

10 Trixie Baza Scratching Post with Hammock, best hammock

Best Hammock: Trixie Baza Scratching Post with Hammock
[wpsm_button color=”main” size=”medium” link=”″ icon=”link” class=”VIEW ON AMAZON ($28)” target=”_blank”]VIEW ON AMAZON ($28)[/wpsm_button] [wpsm_button color=”red” size=”medium” link=”″ icon=”link” class=”VIEW ON WALMART ($28.48)” target=”_blank”]VIEW ON WALMART ($28.48)[/wpsm_button] [wpsm_button color=”green” size=”medium” link=”″ icon=”link” class=”VIEW ON PETCO ($39.99)” target=”_blank”]VIEW ON PETCO ($39.99)[/wpsm_button]

What We Like

  • perfect for small spaces
  • Available in two different sizes
  • A comfortable place for a hammock
  • Sturdy sisal cat trees
  • very easy to assemble.

What We Don’t Like

  • The hammock cover cannot be removed. Cleaning
  • Big ones: cats can knock over smaller ones.

If even our compact pickaxe is a little too scratchy for your space, consider the Trixie Baza Scratching Post with Hammock, which offers the essentials of functionality: a place to scratch and a place to cool down. A hammock is balanced on the base between two scratching posts covered in sisal. . Suspended almost 20 inches above the base, the hammock itself has a sturdy metal hanger, complete with a faux fur “bucket” for cat swimmers.

The only downside is that the hammock cover cannot be removed for washing, so a lot of cat hair accumulates over time.

We also advise anyone with a large cat—14 pounds or more—to think about the large Baza Scratcher, which features a bigger hammock and an 18-inch square base for stability.added stability.

Trixie also offers the Baza scratching post in a version more suitable for older cats, with two wide steps that facilitate access to the hammock.

How we tested

cat scratching posts We tested a total of 28 different cat scratching posts, including many models from well-known brands such as Feandrea, Frisco and AmazonBasics. The tests were conducted on real cats in real homes, and 37 of the cats tested contributed their knowledge. Each cat scratching post was purchased, packaged, and mailed to the volunteer homes along with a written methodology that instructed them on everything from assembly to long-term testing.

Test drivers documented how easy the first-time installation was by using a stopwatch to determine how long it took to install the new scraper and taking photos along the way.The testers then rated the quality of each scraper, moved it around to determine its stability, noted how easy it was to move it from place to place, and answered a series of additional questions.

Finally, our testers observed their cats interacting with the tree for two weeks. They noted any wear and tear while recording the rod traits their cats used and didn’t use.

After providing detailed feedback and scoring numerical points in four different categories, each scraper stayed in its new home for further testing.

The Qualities of a Cat Scratching Post

Common Features

Every cat tree has a number of different features, but here are some of the most common:

  • Scratching Posts
  • Hanging Toys
  • Ropes and climbing boards
  • Cat No Pens
  • Perches
  • Padded Areas
  • Hammocks
  • Ramps
    By identifying the features that your cat uses most often, you can narrow your search. For example, if you hope a cat scratching post will make scratching your furniture easier, then scratching posts should be an obvious priority. Likewise, if you have multiple cats, you should choose a scratching post that has duplicates of certain characteristics. A narrow scratching post can become a constant battle for king of the hill – it’s best to find a scratching post with more raised spots to make all your cats feel like royalty.

    Replacement Parts

    Most scrapers have scratch resistant surfaces somewhere in their construction, usually poles wrapped in sisal rope. Although extremely durable, your cats will eventually snap the rope’s strands and even peel the sisal from its surface. Replacement sisal is widely available in various thicknesses and colors. After purchase, it is relatively easy to repackage the abutments to begin a new set of scrapings. To wrap the column, start at the bottom using a stapler, hot glue gun, or a combination of both to secure the first loop of twine or twine around the base. Then wrap it all the way up as tightly as possible, then secure it with extra staples.

    Replacing other scraper components can be a bit more difficult, especially if the manufacturer uses proprietary plates, unique scraper surfaces, or other unusual parts. We’ve long since discovered that one of our favourite scrapers even has spare parts – a scraper with modular components can significantly extend its lifespan.

    Entrance Size

    Cats love hiding places as long as they feel safe to escape. But just because your scratching post has a built-in cat run doesn’t mean your cat will use it. To maximize the chance that your cat will use all of the scratching post’s features, including hidden nooks and crannies, you can measure your cat in advance using standards developed for pet doors. PetSafe, the maker of some of our most popular dog doors, advises anyone installing a cat door to first measure your cat’s height, from the top of the shoulders to the bottom of the chest. Add two inches and you have the right height for a pet door. Likewise, the cat’s mouth should be two inches wider than its body. Although cats are individuals and some are more nervous than others when entering tight spaces, choosing a scratching post with big enough hiding spots will increase the likelihood that your cat will take full advantage of the features.
    How should my cat’s scratching post be cleaned?

    The majority of cat scratching posts have a mat covering that is easily covered in pet hair, dust, and filth. At least once per month, vacuum the scratching post to remove pet hair and other debris. If your cat gets tangled in its fur or has an accident in a tree, immediately remove all solids and wipe up liquids to avoid stains or unpleasant odours.

    While many of our favourite scrapers have removable pads and other surfaces, machine washable items are much rarer. For removable items, it’s usually best to hand wash them in the sink and let them air dry completely before placing them back on the cat scratcher.
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