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Inside The Mind Of A Cat – What Do Cats Think About All Day

As a pet animals, cats are very dear to people and how many people understand the mind of this animal? What do cats think about all day? Humans understand its reason very little. This sleepy, comfort-loving animal is busy with various activities throughout the house and wants to convey its mood by making different sounds, but can we understand a cat’s perspective? Maybe not, let’s try to understand by listening to the cat’s body language and vocalizations:

Every pet wants to be loved and pulled close because there are times in their life when they feel good or bad, cats have some tricks to make people understand that;

Wagging the tail means that the cat is in a good mood, that is, it will try to attract attention by wagging its tail so that you give it time.

Cats are sleepy or lethargic for some time in the morning, but in the afternoon they are in a lively mood. If there is a box in the house, the cat can be found in it, but if it sees someone new in the house, it hides for a while and often scares them.

A cat’s expression of love is really cute. It will rub its head against your body or clothes, roll around, and often lick or scratch.

Cats have a language of their own and require the master’s skills to tame them. “A cat’s regal presence can be a positive behaviour cue,” says cat behaviour and physiology expert Jack Mann Galaxy Some cat behaviours mean.

Wagging Tail

A wagging tail means that the cat is in a ‘good mood’. Looking while wagging his tail means he wants to play with you. wants your attention Wants time from you. If you don’t give time, many times they will stand in front of you and wag their tails. Will try to attract attention.

To make a gurgling noise

Sometimes cats make a kind of purring sound. It means he is satisfied. at ease trusting you At this time, they are seen in a very happy mood

Hiding in the box.

Cats like to stay in boxes or small spaces. If you bring home a new box or if the box is lying around, you will find the cat inside it. Apart from this, they do not feel safe when they see the movement of someone new in the house. So it wants to hide in the corner of the house or a small place.


Many cats shake to relieve themselves shortly after waking up. As we break the barrier and what! But when scared or uncomfortable, they still shake.

Staring together

When a cat is afraid of something, it stares at it. Sometimes when he sees someone new at home, he looks at him calmly. And if the new man suddenly wants to caress the cat, he will run away.

If you go around

It’s natural to see your pet wagging its tail and moving around you. Usually, they do this occasionally to increase their friendship with you.

Some behaviours of mother cats

When a mother cat gives birth, she does not allow anyone near the kitten. During this time they bite or behave inconsistently.

Understand the mood by looking at the eyes

Another positive cat behaviour is slow blinking. A cat with open eyes and slow blinking means it is happy. Mentally calm. But many people are afraid of cats that stare directly without blinking.


If the cat sniffs or rubs its head against your body or something, understand that it is an expression of their love. Cats mark their favourite territory by smelling like this. Cats also mark their territory by licking or scratching in different places.

Many people love cats. Many people are thinking what do cats think about all day? If they keep the above points in mind before bringing the cat, they can safely feed it.


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