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What to do if the dog barks excessively

Nobody wants that dog barking to stop forever. It’s like not talking about a baby when a dog suddenly stops barking. But some dogs are seen to bark more excessively than necessary. how do stop dog barking What to do if the dog barks excessively?

This may feel quite troubling or painful to you. In this case, you can first find out the reason why your pet dog is barking like that. If you can find the cause, then you can start treatment to solve the problem.

How to stop dog barking

A dog’s means of vocal communication is barking. A dog’s call may vary from time to time depending on the situation. What to do if the dog barks excessively? Below are some of the reasons why dogs may bark.

Territory Protection

Dogs start barking excessively at the arrival of unfamiliar people or animals in areas that they consider to be dominant. They consider them a threat. Their calls grow louder as the threat approaches. Dogs are very alert and aggressive during barking.


Some dogs may be triggered by any noise or movement. Such noise is not limited to their territory, but they can bark even outside the area. When they are scared like this, their ears go back and their tails are folded.

Boredom or loneliness

Dogs are gregarious animals. If a dog is left alone for a long time, it may feel sad or lonely. And that’s why he can shout excessively.

Gratitude or playfulness

Dogs may call often in gratitude or when playing with another animal. It is usually a happy call. By doing this he will wag his tail repeatedly and jump.

Attention seeking (stop dog barking)

Dogs may bark excessively when they want to go outside, play, or ask for a treat.

Separation anxiety

Dogs start barking a lot when they feel anxious or lonely somewhere. At this time, some other symptoms such as moving from side to side, nosing everything around or depression etc. may appear. In many cases, dogs bark a lot just to hear themselves. This is called compulsive barking. Also, the tendency to visit the same place, again and again, is seen among them.

How to treat them to excess barking

It may take some time for your dog to tone down the barking. It also requires regular practice and consistency. Since this problem cannot be solved overnight, with proper training and technique you will see progress in your dog. What to do if the dog barks excessively?

Try to follow some tips at this time. And they are:

  • Chirping encourages your dog to bark more. So always speak calmly and politely in front of the dog. Never shout excessively.
  • Sometimes dogs don’t understand when you yell at them to stop. So you can familiarize them with a specific word for stopping, such as “stop”.

You can follow two methods below:

  • You can introduce them to the word “stop” in a gentle voice when the dog barks. Keep trying as long as they keep calling. Praise and encourage them with treats if they stop even for a short time. But never give them treats during barking. This will make him understand that they will get a treat if they call less. Try giving a little better treat this time.
  • You can also reduce the barking rate by teaching the dog different commands. You can also teach commands to stop barking, such as putting your finger to your lips to tell them to stop. Dogs prefer body language over voice commands. Practice this more often when they are calm and in a good mood. Also, practice it when they bark.
  • Dogs are quite calm when they are tired. If your dog is lonely, let him play more or take him out for long walks.
  • If problems arise, solve them before they become bigger. Excessive barking can make him very aggressive. Then relatives or friends can become aggressive about seeing anyone. Fix the barking problem as soon as possible.
  • Certain medical problems can also cause dogs to bark excessively. Such as any pain or any problem due to age. Canine senility also causes dogs to bark well. In such cases, you can get the dog checked by a vet or a veterinarian.

Once you determine the cause of their barking, you can begin to address them in the following ways:

Territorial Protection/ Alarm/ Fear (stop dog barking)

If the dog barks in such cases, remove these factors from the dog’s presence. Familiarize him quickly with something unfamiliar.


If the dog starts barking a lot when he is alone, you need to provide enough activity or companionship to keep him busy. By doing this he will not feel bored or lonely. Take the dog outside regularly, take him for walks and let him play a lot. Giving a dog something to do can also benefit from being bored. You can let him play with different types of toys. If you call too much at night, try to put him to sleep early.


Train them in different types of behaviour. Train them to sit quietly in one place. In this way, if a stranger enters, they will not react at first. Give them lots of praise and treats. Choose a place where they can stay so they can easily see the door. But don’t place them too close to the door. Then keep practising and letting new people in. At first, they will get used to it even if they call a little at first.


Never reward while barking. If they want water and then bark then give them water. Avoid excessive barking. If necessary, the barking will be arranged. Find a way to communicate without barking. Seek help from a vet or professional for anxiety or compulsive barking. Sometimes these problems may require drug therapy.

Whether to use a bark collar

What to do if the dog barks excessively? Many people use bark collars to stop barking. But sometimes it can be harmful to your pet. Dogs can suffer from the shocking web of bark collars. But apart from this collar, some other devices like water sprinklers etc. are quite effective. When the dog makes a noise, water will be splashed on his rump, which will discourage him from barking.

Did you give the dog a vaccine? For dog vaccinations read our article before giving.

What not to do how to stop the dog from barking

  • Never encourage barking in any way.
  • Do not punish or punish.

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What not to do how to stop the dog from barking

  • Never encourage barking in any way.
  • Do not punish or punish.

What to do if a dog bites you read our article to know about.


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