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Why Is My Cat Not Using The Litter Box?

Has your cat suddenly stopped using the litter box? Why is my cat not using the litter box? What do you do if your cat stops using the litter box? Cats can suddenly stop using the litter box for a variety of reasons. Cats may no longer want to use the litter box for a variety of reasons, including medical conditions, environmental changes, litter box-related issues, etc. You can easily find out why you don’t want to use the litter box by investigating. But whatever the cause, they are easily treatable.

But remember, once the cat gets used to the litter box, it won’t stop using it just to annoy you. So find reasons not to force him to use the litter box. Cats stop using the litter box for stress-related issues. So if you punish him, he may become more stressed out and aggravate the problem.

So it is very important to diagnose the exact cause. Keep an extra watchful eye on the cat during this time. Since it is highly behavioural dependent, finding the cause of the change can help overcome this problem. We will try to elaborate on this in the whole article.

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Why do cats leave waste outside the litter box?

Litter box management problem:

Why is my cat suddenly pooping outside the litter box? If your cat doesn’t feel comfortable in the litter box, he won’t want to use it. Also, ensure easy access to the litter box. Niles will not want to use litter boxes at all. Some of the problems with litter boxes are given below:

  • If you don’t clean the litter box regularly.
  • Multiple cats may not use one litter box unless separate litter boxes are provided for each cat. So ensure separate and extra litter boxes for all cats.
  • If the size of the litter box is too small for the cat.
  • If the cat does not have easy access to the litter box.
  • Cats do not want to use the litter box if the hood and liner of the litter box cause discomfort.
  • Even if the litter box is too deep, the cat may not be comfortable using it. Cats prefer a two-inch deep litter box.

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Surface preference:

Some cats may prefer surfaces to eliminate waste. Like carpet, bed etc.

Litter preference:

Cats are sensitive to touch and smell and may not like litter. In addition to the environment, cats may not like the litter box and stop using it. Cats may not use the litter box for repeated use of the same litter.


The location of the litter box is very important. Even if there is no problem, cats may not get comfortable using the litter box due to the lack of a proper location. Generally, they prefer to use the litter box in quiet areas.

Not having easy access to the litter box:

Cats may not use the litter box if there is no easy access to the litter box, if there is a high boundary around it or if the litter box is placed in a high place.

Using the litter box is also a different experience:

If the cat has a bad experience with using the litter box for some reason, the cat does not want to use the litter box anymore. An aversive experience upsets the cat, causing it to lose interest. You can easily grasp the matter. If you look closely, you will see that he is feeling a little agitated when using the litter box. The cat gets out of the litter box very quickly. Cats also experience discomfort in the litter box when they are in pain or have a medical condition. However, the cat may not want to return to the litter box later, even if it is healthy.

Cat Conflict:

If there is more than one cat in the house, cat conflict is created. Cats do not like to share litter boxes. They start blocking each other from using their litter boxes.


Stress can cause litter box-related problems. Cats can become stressed due to various traumatic factors. Bringing a new cat home or changing rooms can cause stress to the cat which affects the litter box.

Medical problems:

Cats may not use the litter box for various reasons such as urinary tract infections, feline interstitial cysts, kidney stones, etc. Cats can experience pain with these medical conditions. Cats may defecate outside of the litter box by not urinating properly. Also, he can’t get up in time to go to the litter box because of the sudden rush of urine. As a result, the cat does not use the litter box. Any such health problems should be taken to the vet quickly. You can solve this litter box problem by solving health problems. What are cat diarrhoea and its cure? Read this article to know

Some other behavioural problems:

Urine marking:

One cause of litter box-related problems can be urine marking. That’s why cats excrete waste outside without using the litter box. Urine marking causes cats to urinate in places other than the litter box. It can be on a sofa, chair stands or table.

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What do you do if the cat leaves waste outside the litter box?

at won’t use litter box tried everything. Here are some tips so that you can instantly solve such problems. What to do if the cat stops using the litter box?

  • Always keep the litter box clean and change it every day. Keep it clean with baking soda or unscented soap.
  • Most cats prefer to use large litter boxes. This makes it easy for him to enter the litter box.
  • Do not deepen the litter box for more than an inch or two.
  • Use odourless litter boxes. Cats peeve odourless litter boxes.
  • Allow the cat to use the same litter box that the cat used when it was young.
  • Cats do not like litter boxes with box liners or lids. So avoid them.
  • Place the litter box in a quiet area. Also, be careful if they like the place. If it doesn’t like it, try to understand the cat’s preference by placing the litter box in different places if necessary.
  • Self-cleaning litter boxes are gaining popularity these days. Cats can quickly adapt to it. However, cats may not accept it well. In that case, use an old-fashioned litter box.

Solving the problem of litter box use:

Solve litter box-related problems that arise. If there is a change in behaviour, identify the cause and address it. Make sure the litter box is easily accessible. Be sure to keep the litter box clean. Cats love to be clean.

Why is my cat not using the litter box? If there is more than one cat, make sure there are separate litter boxes for each cat. Consult a vet for any medical-related issues. Administer medication appropriately if prescribed. Do not force anything on the cat. Solve problems with patience. This will solve the litter box problem.


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